My Weekly Fitness Plans #2

Here are my fitness plans for this week:



I also just saw Fitnessista’s Frost HIIT that I might use for one of the HIIT workouts listed above.


It’s also guaranteed that I will have Erin Stutland’s audio mantras playing while I do the HIIT workouts to give my workout that something extra special that her affirmations provide.


Toning is TBD, but I normally track down one that Karena and Katrina are using for this week’s Tone It Up schedule.


Today I am grateful for birthday celebrations that span a whole week!




Self Love Files

Yesterday it reached 75 degrees F.  It was sunny with a cool breeze.  I should have taken a picture of it, but I know a picture could not have done justice to the complete feeling of bliss that washed over me driving home with the windows down, opening up all the windows in my apartment, taking a run outside, taking a walk outside (later with the hubs), and sitting outside chatting with the hubs.

I also woke up to this weather.  It. is. bliss.

My emotions are deeply moved by the weather and temperature outside.

It is starting to rain.  The rain is bringing with it 30-40 degree temperature drops today followed by the sleet and ice tomorrow.

This means that I need to be strengthening my self love muscles so that I can find my bliss somewhere else.

I’ve also had a lot of help in this department in the ether world of the internet this week.  I have been doing Erin Stutland’s Say It, Sweat It, Get It Challenge.  It totally. rocks.

She combines a fast, efficient workout with dance and calisthenic movements with positive, self-loving affirmations.  And. it. totally. rocks.

PLUS. She has created a Challenge Group on Facebook.  I’m getting to connect with other women who are going through similar issues and have the same fitness interests as me!  And I am so grateful to feel like a part of a community in this.  It. totally. rocks.  I can’t say it enough.

My Self Love Routines


1. Morning Meditation

After completing Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles, I got in this daily habit. a few morning errands like warming up some water. sit down on my cozy sofa, drape a blanket over my lap which normally invites my fur kitty to jump up into it and cuddle. start my day with a quick meditation.

I start with a prayer.  Right now I’m using St. Francis’s prayer, but I’d like to start a prayer journal in an effort to have several to choose from to add some spice and variety to my life.  Right now, St. Francis is just what I need.

I ask for guidance to be Kind and Patient today.  I ask for guidance in witnessing fear, forgiving myself for having the fear, and releasing the fear.

Then I sit and breath for about a minute.

2. Cardio & Toning Affirmations

A shout out goes to Erin Stutland for this new. marvelous. idea.  I hope that she can get some Itunes affirmations for use for whatever workout I’m doing, but until then, I’m just using little ole me.

This is a very new addition for me.  Yesterday while doing my jog, I whispered to myself the mantra:

I am powerful.

I am beautiful.

I am strong.

I am going to try to incorporate this mantra (or similar) at least twice a week when I can.

3. Evening Meditation

I’ll be honest.  My evening meditation does not. always. happen.  My goal is to make it happen every night, but it just doesn’t.  Normally I get it in 4 to 5 nights a week, and I’m happy with that.

Ideally I have a lighted candle or 2 near by, only my bedside lamp on, and some soft, soothing music on.

I start by saying a few things that I am grateful for about that day.  a few things that worked out in my favor.

I review my fears for the day and try again to forgive and release that fear.

Then I sit and breath for about 2-5 minutes.

I definitely want to work on including more self love into my daily routine.  I am very critical of myself.  While the Bernstein work has helped me tremendously in being kinder to myself, it’s still a daily struggle.

Right now, I’m focusing on including the cardio mantras.  Once I’ve got that down, I’ll try to add something else.

Today I am grateful for kindness.  It really is contagious.

My Happiness Trigger: Beauty

I knew turning off the television would make me feel more at peace with my mind, but I wanted the company that the noise provided.

I knew cooking dinner would help me feel productive, healthy, creative, and fulfilled, but I wanted to be a bump on a log.

The difference was in changing my environment.  Once I changed my environment to be more pleasing to me, it brought joy, satisfaction, and drive back into my body.  Wow!

Here’s what I learned about my joy at having beauty in my life:

1. I want to FEEL beautiful.  I want my body to feel healthy, toned, and at peace.  I want my hair and skin to be manageable and easy to maintain.  I want to wear clothes that are comfortable and flattering.

2. I want to SEE beauty.  I want my surroundings to be picked up and clean, ideally.  I really. really. dislike clutter.

3. I want to SMELL beauty.  I want to be surrounded by pleasing aromas like burning candles and nice perfume.  I don’t wear perfume, because I feel it’s too overwhelming for my body.  However, I really like spraying it on blankets and the carpet where I’m relaxing or doing yoga.

4. I want to HEAR beauty.  This one can be a little bit challenging.  When I feel a void in my soul, I want the distraction of noise that television provides.  This is feeding my ego.  My inner guide prefers, and me too when I’m already content, either soothing classical and nature music or fun, dance music rather than the television.  Sometimes I even find silence best.  This one is hard to flip on it’s own.  Once the television is on, it’s really. really hard for me to turn it off and keep it off if I haven’t found some way to bring joy back into my body first.

These easy actions changed my mood completely.  I will definitely keep on the look out for other happiness triggers, but until then, I have a beauty happiness plan.

I am grateful today that I am learning to be my own guru.

Tuesday Ten #2 Gratitude List

1. Today’s Forecast

65 degrees warm.

I will definitely be getting in another Say It, Sweat It, Get It Challenge Soul Stroll today!

2. Traveling Coffee

I particularly love this brand when it’s on sale and I can talk my dark roast drinking hubbie into letting me get my way.  He’s a very sweet guy.  It’s not hard to get my way.  🙂

3. My Momma

She makes my list every day.  She rocked my world yesterday when I called her to ask what size nightgown she wanted for Christmas.  She had already picked one out she liked at Kohls, and I was going to purchase that one with the .amazing. Cyber Monday deals at Kohls.  She .discovered. where I was buying and told me to use her Kohl’s Cash she earned on Black Friday.  I thought .Awesome. $15 off!  I input the code, and it took $45 off.  What?!!?  My mom rocks!

4. Hard Working Students

I’ve been really blessed with 2 Honors Algebra classes this semester, and the students blow me away!

5. Community & Shared Interests

I am adoring all the support in the Facebook group Say It, Sweat It, Get It Challenge.  Thanks, Erin!  You rock!  I do all of my fitness at home, so I don’t have friends that I share this interest with.  Groups like this help fill that gap in my life!

6. Naps


7. My old, but still very reliable car


8. Cyber Monday Deals

I will never go Black Friday shopping again.  I cleaned up at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Kohl’s.

9.Being in a Place of Plenty

While I am no where near rich (me and hubs are living off a teacher’s salary), I am always grateful that I feel rich in my life.  I have all that I need plus a lot of things I want.  I feel lighten hearted when I remind myself of this.

10. Happiness

For years, I’ve felt like being happy is not an attainable goal in my life.  If I make being happy my goal, I am bound to fail at certain points in my life, because I will not be happy all the time.  Does this make me a failure?  Does this make me feel like a failure, therefore further diminishing my happiness?

Happiness is an emotion, and, therefore not completely within my control.  I like my goals to be action oriented rather than emotionally oriented for this reason.

The sadness allows me to experience the happiness all the more.  For me, a goal is to be grateful every day, to be kind every day, and to be patient every day.  I may  not be successful ALL day, but every day I get a little bit better at it.  Well, most days.  🙂

As I become more grateful, the happiness is there, tagging along.  For this, I am grateful.

This Week’s Fitness Goals

I just dominated an hour nap.  Wow.

I guess getting back up at 6:00 am wore me out.  Plus the actual job probably added to my lethargy as well.

After my Say It, Sweat It, Get It Challenge soul stroll today, I am feeling ready to rock out the rest of my evening.

After some serious thought, I’m giving a weekly list a try for my fitness plans.  I’m trying to stay vague enough with them that I can still let inspiration steal me away, but specific enough that I have balance and guidance in my workout throughout the week.

Today I am grateful for FREE challenges and fitness support online!

Sunday Prep Day

Welcome in, December.

I find it blissful that it is noon and here I am, in my sweats (it is important for me to note that these are not my pajamas and I did not sleep in them last night) drinking my first cup of coffee of the day.

While I do a lot of personal growth work to find gratitude in all my days, days like today make me want to purr.  I slept in. again. and probably a tad too long, but who am I to be judgmental?  Insert smiley face.

In fact, it took a quick 10 minute Heidi Kristoffer forearm yoga video to shake the sleep out of me.  I’ve notice that the more winter sinks in, the more obsessed I become with yoga and want to disregard all other forms of exercise.

I’ve been reading, playing online, periodically .aka stalking. the #12daysofyoga challenge, and sitting still. Here’s my tree pose for Partiridge in a Pear Tree day:

I don’t know why I can’t make a semi regular face while posing for yoga pictures.  I’ll work on it.

Needless to say my prep today is to mentally prepare for the final 3 weeks of the semester.  I am doing a. little. bit. of laundry.  I will .try. to convince myself to do some vacuuming.  I might clean the kitchen.

Other than that, I am enjoying the quiet after the family storm of Thanksgiving.  I mean storm in the most loving of ways. of course.

I love spending time with family.  I love eating yummy. delicious food.  I love time off of work.  I love. it. all.

I am a true introvert, however.  I read somewhere that introverts derive their energy from being alone while extroverts derive their energy from being around others.  I like being around other people, especially family and friends.  However, I just need down time to recuperate.

Therefore, I will round out my chill. the. day. out prep day with some Calm Yoga with Tara Stiles and Tia Mowry.

And then kick some zombie butts Walking Dead style.

Perfect. Bliss.

Today I am grateful.

Friday Favorites #2

I have had a superbly beautiful week.  The weather has been all over the place, from cold to mild to warm. from sunny to cloudy to rainy.  I like variety.  Insert smiley face.

Here are some highlights.

1. Women We Dig with Gabrielle Bernstein

I am just finishing up May Cause Miracles.  I got sick last week and had to extend my practice a week longer than projected.  However, the last day of forgiveness (out of Bernstein’s organized plan) coincided with this Q & A with Mrs. Bernstein.  It was no accident.  In this video, she discusses acceptance, forgiveness, and release.  Plus, she discusses the importance of prayer and meditation.  I’ve always been more a spiritual person than a religious person, but I am finding a lot of peace through prayer and meditation. This is also leading to more happiness.  Insert another smiley face.

2. Tara Stiles’s Get Flexible with Tara Stiles Yoga Video

I love to find people in this world that inspire me to be happier, more peaceful, and more patient.  This lovely lady is number 1 on that list.  Plus this video is one of her longer at 15 minutes.  I hope she keeps giving me new videos every week.  I. love. it.  I adore that Tara Stiles’s stretch yoga videos still have flow in them.

3. Erin Motz’s Thank You Backers MyYogaPro Yoga Video

I. love. Erin. Motz.  Obviously, I love. yoga.  I do not even like most yoga instructors I come across.  This lovely lady is fun, happy, and goofy.  I. love. it.  Unlike Tara Stiles, Motz’s yoga is slower.  She holds poses longer even in flows.  It depends on my mood which I prefer, but most days I like to start with some fast paced Tara Stiles and end with some slower movement with Erin Motz.  It was a good week for new awesome yoga videos.

4. .running with spoons. Blog

I just recently discovered .running with spoons. while browsing for some interesting fitness reads on bloglovin.  I really like her style.

5. Favorite Inspirational Quote

Mother Teresa

Today I am grateful.