What Does Success Look Like to Me?

Sometimes. every. once. and. a. while. I let the drama of views and stats overtake my world.

I started this blog for me.  When I started it, I told myself that I needed it to be about me in a real. personal way.  I need this to be my journey.  Real. personal.  My  journey giving up dairy. finding ways to nourish myself through wholesome food. finding movement that nourishes my body.  Spirituality that nourishes my body. and my soul.

I follow a. lot. of social media giants.  They admonish going big. or going home.  I’ll be honest here.  Most days, I want to go home.

My husband and I have worked hard for 10 years now so that he can support us both while I am a stay at home mom.  This will allow me to love and nourish my family.  Bliss.  This will allow me to follow passions that I’ve never wanted to put on the market. reading. writing.

If I market my passion, my failure is soul crushing.

I am not prepared for that.  I may never be.

On Super Soul Sunday, Mark Nepo said “If you love to write, write.  You don’t have to be a writer.”  This set me free.

My success can be my bliss. my joy. my freedom of doing something I love.

Do I have to make advertising dollars on my blog to be successful?  No, and it’s good to remind myself of this.  Today it. is. necessary to remind myself of. this.

Do I have to be a published author to be a successful writer?  No, I find joy in writing.

I’m going to listen to my gut.  I’m going to discard those that demand I find financial solvency in my passions, because I instantly feel anxious, pressured, and walk away from what’s real.  what’s personal.

This is what I’m struggling with today.

I’m grateful for the struggle.  I’m grateful for the chance to air my laundry here.  It brings me a little peace to put my thoughts into physical words.  The physical world of words is beautiful to me.  I can participate and be fulfilled, just the way I am.


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