.thinking out loud.


1. Weather

Welcome in, old man winter.  Take a seat, settle in, and wrap your frosty arms around our gently rolling hills, shake out a smattering of powdered snow, and chuckle warmly to yourself while I pile on 3. layers. of clothes every morning to protect myself from the drafty classroom where I spend my weekdays.  And please, don’t be stingy with the weekly snow and ice accumulations.  I really appreciated having Tuesday off (my birthday! what! what!), and I am always amiable. um desperately. begging. for more.

While I adjust to you, old man winter, I will be bringing my workouts indoors.  I will be drinking much more coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.  And by drinking, I mean clutching these steaming, hot mugs of smelling goodness in my icy fingers to keep my hands warm.  I will be wearing socks at every moment. maybe 2 pairs of socks. maybe socks plus slippers (unless I am doing yoga = bad).  I will be lighting candles every. single. night.  This will stress my husband out to no end as he thinks I will accidentally burn the apartment down.  I have never caught anything on fire.  At least not from a candle.  Wink. Wink.  And I will be finding a different kind of bliss in snuggling in with old man winter.

2. Christmas

I am really struggling with getting in the Christmas festivities mood this year.  I am jolly and happy as can be.  The idea, however, of picking out a Christmas tree (on the agenda for this weekend), decorating the apartment, and cooking Christmas cookies is just not slamming into me this year.  I’m enjoying where I am in this moment. right now.  And I’m struggling with moving on to Christmas.  Maybe some Pinterest meanderings will help.

Winter urn


Nope, it did not work.  I could not even find a picture of 1 decorated Christmas tree I liked.  Maybe bringing some pine scented, loveliness into the apartment will jar me into the holiday spirit.

3. Skincare

I am currently OBSESSED with my skin care regimen right now.  In an effort to calm my mind, this is all I will write about this.  Let’s move on to my next random thought.

4. Lists!

I am a list maniac.  I am currently working on a skin care list.  I am currently making workout lists for every week (even though I’ve deviated pretty severely from this week’s plan).  I made an electronic list this week from my workout plan, but I didn’t print it.  I have one of those printers that won’t print unless ALL the ink is ready to go.  And I’m out of Cian.  Who needs Cian?  Anyway, I didn’t print it.  I didn’t copy it down somewhere physical.  I’m just keeping a written tally of what I do each day.  It’s not as good.  Lists are my zen.  Lists give me a comfort that allows me the ease of not over doing it, which I will. do. left to my own devices.

Other lists: Grocery and Meal Prep lists, Lesson Plans, and Wish Lists!

Today I am grateful.


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